Rubrics for assignments

Systematic review paper/workflow review /50

Title: informative, clear, useful. /2
Abstract: summarizes enture paper succinctly including implications /5
Introduction: Clear, appropriate length, introduces topic, states purpose and objective /10
Methods: Replicable, transparent /5
Results: Written description can stand alone /3
Discussion: Clear, does not repeat results, highlights novelty, relates to previous research, states implications /10
Lit cited & lit reviewed: appropriate and extensive (at least 40 citations and sufficient body reviewed)  /5
Figures & tables: sufficient, clear, stand alone capacity, summarizes salient findings /10


Open-science products /25

datasets on figshare
presentation on slideshare
figures/infographics on figshare
interactive figure on
video on camtasia

Information content sufficient to communicate main finding and include salient evidence/main findings /5
Visually captivating and attractive to appeal to a wide audience /5
Text associated with product well written and appropriately conveys details needed to understand product (i.e. meta-data, tags, text on slides, text on infographic, etc). /5
Science behind product sound, evidence-based, not too simplistic, and can be assessed by a scientific non-expert to your field /5

Related evidence also referenced (other workflows, reviews, statistical tests, products etc) very important to show how your work connects to other /5