Systematic review guidelines

hi team,  just a quick update.

1. I deleted all commenting on blog. Spam is so annoying. Those bots!
2. Remember, you have to publish the data you collect for your review on figshare as part of your grade. It must include meta-data etc.
3. I have had a request for guidelines.  If you are not afraid of getting scooped, I strongly recommend you publish paper on peerj as a pre-print.

Copy for formatting style of this paper.

Summary – you must publish data, include a PRISMA report, have at least two figures, and write a paper like the peerj example.

We can discuss this all next week, Oct9th, in class. However, in the interim keep cranking on those papers, get the two-three figures ready, the PRISMA report, and maybe the methods & results too.

The more you have prepped for next week, the more I can help.